The Party

The Party—Party Relationships

Gum Ditch

1. Knows Rukt from his post-college days; used to employ him on company expeditions.

2. Rukt stumbled into a bar in the City, the victim of anti-goblin abuse. Gum takes him on for his adventure.

3. Only learns about Viera from meeting her outside Archie’s house. However, Gum is familiar with Lore and the History and knows about their devotees.

4. Gum meets the rogue character when he suddenly appears in Gum’s employ before heading down to the Lost Continent.

5. Gum knows nothing about assassins or shadow organizations; however they would finally explain his parents’ mysterious disappearance.

Rukt the Goblin

1. Rukt knew Gum when Gum was a freelancer with the artifact companies.

2. He views Gum as his own personal savior and won’t leave his side for anything.

3. He knows nothing of scholarly or dishonest (rogue) types.

4. The Assassin has done something unspeakable in Rukt’s past and to his people. As a result, Rukt is terrified of her.

Viera, a Student of Lore

1. Viera has heard of Gum’s legendary exploits, even from within the cloisters; she tracks him down to work with him and shares his skepticism about the authority of the History.

2. She finds the rogue distasteful.

3. Viera knew the assassin from childhood. Their town became the target of a criminal organization, where both Viera and the assassin were abused in ways they try not to talk about.

4. Viera left the town when a traveling monk essentially purchased her from the criminals and set her free so that she could study the Lore. Because of she never returned from the cloister, the assassin blames Viera for their town’s continued enslavement.

5. Neither Viera nor the assassin have seen each other for at least a decade, but they recognize one another on sight.

The rogue character

1. The rogue appears in Gum’s party because he expertly played his “employer” (the overseer of the small group Gum hired to help him in the South) into allowing him to keep a small boat separately from the main contingent. He had been sneaking valuables into his tiny boat when the main company was attacked. He desperately tried to shove off before anyone noticed but Gum, Rukt, and Viera emerged from the ruins and saw the massacre going on at the main camp in time to run over to the rogue’s boat and jump inside. By the time the assassins from the main group had the chance to check the ruins and the surrounding area for survivors, the party had escaped with the most valuable finds from the expedition.

2. The rogue also wants the opportunity to steal those artifacts back. He bides his time, waiting for the perfect opportunity to strike. He also knows that if he helps Gum and friends, he has the potential to pull off an enormous heist in the future. Despite needing to be covert about his desire, the rogue is quite open with his morals to the rest of the crew.

3. The rogue treats Rukt as a lower lifeform until he proves quite loyal and capable of voicing clashing opinions against Gum.

4. The rogue desperately wants to sleep with Viera. Consequently he’s always trying to show that he’s learning from her and seeking out her tutelage. He also feels that he can exploit her mind and monastic background for valuable treasure opportunities.

5. This is the rogue’s first contact with the assassin or with the Assassin’s Guild. He has no idea how to handle two knowledgeable and sexy ladies in the same party. His pandering to her gets quickly shot down.

The assassin character

1. The assassin knows enough about Gum to know that he’ll help her uncover the multi-plane conspiracy and free her people. She’s also attracted to him despite her past experiences with bad romance.

2. The assassin previously obliterated Rukt’s village and sold all the survivors into slavery, according to the Assassin’s Guild’s wishes. The assassin has no memory of this event (because she was just following orders and had no objection at the time) but still treats Rukt as a lower lifeform (racism).

3. She treats the rogue like the little man he is. The assassin has contempt with petty criminals. Despite her forced alliance with the Assassin’s Guild (who was partly responsible for the enslavement of her town), she has taken on many of their moral stances, one of which looks down upon unorganized thieves out for simple things like money or revenge. The Assassin’s Guild claims to have a higher, nobler, truer purpose — one of the things which drew the assassin to them in the first place. Although she has acknowledged that she doesn’t stand for what they stand for, the assassin has difficulty abandoning her old ways.

4. The assassin is angry at Viera for allegedly betraying their village. Her anger is an extension of envy that her childhood friend was more beautiful (and/or smarter) than her and thus caught the traveling monk’s eye. As a result the assassin has nursed a grudge against Viera that she finds herself unable to act on while Gum is helping her root out the conspiracy behind the Guild and its associates.

5. The assassin did not fester in the village after Viera left, however. She found a way out of the misery left behind through a training program with the Assassin’s Guild. At first she figured that she could help topple the Guild and bring justice to her people, but she soon realized that the Guild extended too far and was too well-organized and well-hidden to be brought down by one counter-agent. So she worked her way up through the ranks, storing away any and all money she earned taking down marks so that she could eventually buy her freedom. At present she is considered a “partner” in the Guild and trusted as a full associate but without the authority to leave the Guild permanently or resist a call to arms (should the Guild come under attack in the case of a guild war).

6. The assassin and Viera grew up in a unique community as part of a multiracial organization promoting interplanar peace and interracial harmony. This explains why Viera, a rabbit-shaped humanoid, and the assassin, a fox-shaped humanoid, grew up in the same town. The assassin has learned that their town was targeted for attack because of its interplanar ambitions towards peace and harmony. Evidently any move toward reconciliation of grievances espoused in the History is being strongly resisted by the Shadow Conspiracy the assassin is concerned about. One of the things humans (who are typically the aggressors and evidently the main members of the Shadow Conspiracy) tend to do when they come to dominate non-human races is to mar their ears. (Most of the non-human races are animal-like and have distinctive ear shapes and sizes.) This presented a problem for both Viera and the assassin when their town came under attack. Viera was one of the lucky ones. Her ears had been universally acclaimed as beautiful from birth, and the captors seemed to think so too. Viera was being groomed as a sex slave (where full, beautiful ears would have been both exotic and a wonderful asset) when the monk came along to save her. This and the cultural stereotype of Viera’s people being the sexiest non-human race contributed to the hatred festering in the assassin’s heart. Furthermore, the assassin was born to a proud line of warriors who sacrificed their ancient birthright to become farmers in the new township; as such it was expected that when the assassin was born that she be free from blemish and capable of living up to her family’s legacy. Instead, her ears were deformed from birth. She endured no shortage of taunting while in school from both her human and non-human classmates. Viera was the only one who stood by her in those days. When the town was overcome, almost all of the non-humans had their ears clipped. Viera constituted one exception (though she was not to be envied), the assassin another. The captors thought it amusing that a non-human be born with deformed ears when ears were typically the pride of those people. So the assassin’s pride was left in shambles. When she eventually indentured herself to the Assassin’s Guild, she had to clip her ears anyway, as a sign of her service to the Guild. In fact, the Guild came to her offering a chance at revenge. They sought her out knowing that she had the heritage to make a skilled warrior and the inclination to fill the world with her rage. Her Master at the Guild even took pity on her and saw the clipping of her ears as a way to make her more equal to the rest of the world. During her public apprenticeship with the Guild she wore the standard uniform, but at night she took to wearing a cloth head covering to hide her clipped, malformed ears. When her apprenticeship was done and she became a journeyman in the guild, she wore the head covering all the time. Throughout this time and even into her partnership with the Guild, she distinguished herself by her actions and by the idiosyncratic head-covering she wore. They called her the Earless One.

The Party

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