Future Outline


Party composition: Gum and Rukt

  • find concrete evidence that the History is factually wrong and might be morally suspect
  • meet with Gum’s mentor Archie (Art)
  • team up with Viera the Scholar, who happens onto them at Art’s house after much tracking

Party composition: Gum, Rukt, and Viera

  • travel by boat south along the coast, headed toward the peninsular continent
  • meet up with hired help at one of the major southern ports; the rogue is now traveling with the party
  • travel to the Forgotten Continent, braving (or not finding at all) mythic challenges to their progress
  • find Angelic artifacts and undeniable evidence against the History’s status as a factual and moral document
  • as the party (with the hired help) is packing up to leave it is ambushed by a group of thugs who appear to have followed them from the port; much of the riches the party has uncovered are stolen along with several key artifacts
  • the rogue had been secretly stealing certain artifacts away to a separate boat hidden away from camp; when faced with the prospect of revealing his disloyalty to the party and escaping or certain death along with no prospect of reward, he brings the party to his ship with its ill-gotten riches and the party escapes

Party composition: Gum, Rukt, Viera, and the as-yet-unnamed-rogue

  • the party manages to make it to the Southern Continent but dares not put into port for very long, reasoning that the thugs may have been looking for the party or for one of the items they managed to escape with
  • they finally manage to return to Archie’s place only to discover that he and all his things are missing, the house has been ransacked, and there are signs of struggle and bloodstains on the floor!
  • the party leaves towards Gum’s place, reasoning that it should be safe and that they can plan what to do from there
  • on the way the party is confronted by an emissary of the Assassin’s Guild, who offers them protection and aid; this emissary is stalling the party long enough for all his assassins to get in place to ambush the party; eventually a fox-maiden emerges from the surrounding forest, pressures and threatens the emissary, who claims his men should attack when he’s been threatened; when they do not the fox-maiden reveals that she has killed them all; the emissary recognizes her as the Earless One and she slits his throat.

Party composition: Gum, Rukt, Viera, the as-yet-unnamed-rogue, and the Earless One

  • the assassin proposes a joint venture to get back what was stolen if the party helps gather evidence that a massive conspiracy is afoot.

Future Outline

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