Everyone knows about the Elder Gods and how they conspired to create the known worlds and races, had a falling out and then abandoned the Main World for their own shardplanes. Very few know about the Maker or the Prophecy that bears His name.

Knowledge about the Maker has been lovingly passed down for generations, since before the Shattering. The earliest accounts equate the Maker with Fortuna, but the material indicates that the Maker predates the Goddess, perhaps even made Her. What is certain is that whatever redeeming qualities Fortuna may have had, she lost them after the Shattering. Fortuna is now much more like an automaton than any true goddess. So the identity of the Maker remains a mystery.

Small sects devoted to the Maker and few of His teachings survive have appeared across all of the shardplanes and in all of the races. Any larger movement would be brutally repressed the Master Society or its descendants, who devotees of the Maker suspect of worshiping the Fallen God.

But the most enduring piece of the Maker’s legacy is a Prophecy that stipulates that the True Goddess will return to govern the World and will cast out all the Elder Gods and all their races and worlds and will take the Maker’s devotees into her bosom and grant them eternal life alongside the angels, who will return at that time.


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