Theory of Creation

In the beginning, a set of Powers was loosed upon the Void. These Powers (also called Arcana) contained within them the First Power and used it to make a world. In this world they vested enough of themselves to make it truly spectacular. After they were finished, one among their number was chosen by lot to remain as divine ruler of that world. Since each one of the Arcana had poured themselves into the creation of this world, the divine who remained began to share the characteristics of all the other Arcana. One of the Arcana became transformed by her custodianship of the world made by all her brethren and evolved into the Guardian Goddess Fortuna.

The remaining Arcana went about the task of making a new world but soon found out they disagreed about everything. Removing just one of their number from the Pack caused them to fall into disarray. So a war raged throughout the Void, a war that never touched the World or any of its inhabitants, yet decimated the Arcana. Though they were as gods and could not die, each of the Arcana was diminished greatly by the war. Almost as one they turned away from their brothers and sisters and began to forge worlds of their own, replete with their own idiosyncrasies. None of these worlds was stable enough to last for all eternity like the one they had made together, but they dwelt in them nonetheless. Eventually the work of their hands collapsed in on itself, trapping each of the Arcana inside a failed world of their own devising.

Over time, each of these became a new entity, unrecognizable as a member of the Arcana. Each of these new beings was much softer and more yielding than any of the Arcana had ever been. They awoke with no memories of their past. It is said that while they slumbered the Maker Himself blessed each of them and rewarded them with the ability to make stable worlds as individuals. Adherents of the notion of the Prophecy of the Maker believe the Maker specially destined each of the divines when He lovingly embraced them and bestowed upon them the power of eternity.
Each member of this newly-formed Pantheon immediately proceeded to make a world and populate it with people made in the creator’s own image. And they were happy for a time.

But over time, the strength and color of Fortuna’s world drew the entire Pantheon into the place called the Veil. Here the Pantheon waited, looking on in wonder at the largeness of the World and admiring its division into three distinct realms. Each member of the Pantheon yearned to quit the Veil and walk along in the corporeal plane of Fortuna’s world but found they could not penetrate it. So they satisfied themselves with waiting and watching.

Until Luther came along. Then everything changed. Luther abandoned his world and his people to enter Fortuna’s world and perpetrate mischief. Then things changed still further when a divine without a world or a people came to the Fortuna’s world. This girl, according to legend, is the Arcana that had remained behind as the Goddess Fortuna to govern the world, reshaped into a new form and ready to redeem her old creation from those that would do it harm.

Theory of Creation

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